• From Cutting Hair to Coding on Computers...

Brenda Mohney
  • Brenda Mohney


  • My 20 years of experience will turn your website into a sales power house!

    From design, to copywriting, to setting up systems to getting traffic...it's been a long and wild ride that started way back in 1998...

    Azure Web Solutions started out with a yard sale computer (IBM 286 that couldn't even access the internet!) that developed into an obsession of web development and technology for this transplanted Ocala, Florida mom.

    After spending the previous 13 years as a hairdresser, the obsession with computers was a unlikely match. From ripping them apart to see why they wouldn't work to learning how to create websites, every aspect of technology took a foothold and I went down the tech rabbit-hole and am still happily living there today!

    After moving back to my home of York, Pennsylvania, I decided to carry on my love of technology by attending Penn State York. I obtained my Associates degree in Web Development and went on to also receive my Baccalaureate Degree in Information Sciences and Technology with a focus in Business Integration.

    Web Team
    I then joined the web development team at Penn State York and worked as a web designer for two years during the second half of my college career. I collaborated with departmental staff and faculty to analyze their needs and develop individual web sites. Throughout this time period I also decided to start my own web development company, Azure Web Solution.

    Corporate World
    Upon graduation I  had the opportunity to join the corporate word and worked as a software engineer and logistics documentation specialist for military government contractors. I am grateful for the experience I received working in a career setting, but the lure of web design kept pulling at me. I decided to return to my real passion of web development and Azure Web Solution was resurrected.

    Enough about me. Today it is all about you. How can I help you today? Helping companies jump the technology hurdle and set up a successful online presence is a passion of mine. I love to help business owners gain a competitive edge in the marketplace so they can compete effectively and realize their dreams.

    Start Now
    Don’t let today’s technology intimidate you. I can take care of your online presence so you can do what you do best; run your business! Don’t put it off any longer. The future of your company, your family and your dreams depends on your success. Get started and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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  • Azure - The Color of the Highest of Heavens!


Azure - I am often asked where the name 'Azure' came from. I initially came up with a few ideas for names and my daughter Amber liked Azure the best (my boys Austin and Landon did too but they were so young at the time that they had bigger concerns...like who they were skateboarding with that day! lol).

Combined with the fact that Azure is the color of the highest of heavens, it spoke to me as a natural fit.

Everytime I say my business name or even think about it, it reminds me to focus my goals on the things that really matter and will last a lifetime and not just short-term.

Have I always been successful in this quest of keeping my eyes focused on the bigger picture? Like many of you...No. I have stumbled, fallen, and have done many stupid things. But I keep getting back up to fight another day for the Lord, myself, my family and my customers!

We are all in this journey of life together and it's our job to have a positive impact on as many people's lives as possible. I try to keep my eyes on heaven, my feet firmly planted on the ground and my heart safe in the arms of Jesus...and I hope the same thing for you too!

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